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Did you know that Ophthalmic Consultants of Long Island can not only improve your vision, they can also improve your appearance? Ophthalmic Consultants of Long Island is happy to announce a new division in our practice: Aesthetics by OCLI. Aesthetics by OCLI offers many of the latest innovations in cosmetic treatments to make you look and feel your best.


BOTOX Injections

The surgeons of Ophthalmic Consultants of Long Island are gifted cataract, glaucoma, retinal specialists and LASIK Long Island surgeons. In addition they offer a range of cosmetic treatments. This page describes the Botox injectable treatment.


Juvederm Injections

The Ophthalmic Consultants of Long Island surgeons are experienced Long Island cataracts, glaucoma, retina and LASIK specialists. They also offer an array of aesthetic treatments. Below you will find information pertaining to Juvederm treatments.

> Juvéderm

Eyelid Surgery

The skilled and experienced surgeons at the Ophthalmic Consultants of Long Island specialize in helping Long Island cataracts, glaucoma, retina and LASIK surgery patients with their vision needs. They also offer an array of cosmetic procedures. Eyelid surgery, a popular treatment, is described below.

> Eyelid Lift Surgery (Blepharoplasty)

Laser Treatments for the Face

If you have acne, surgical scars, age spots, sun damage, stretch marks, fine lines or wrinkles, facial veins, spider veins, hyperpigmentation or melasma (patchy, brown discoloration) non-ablative fractional laser skin resurfacing could be right for you. Ophthalmic Consultants of Long Island uses the Palomar ICON 1540, the most advanced skin rejuvenation and resurfacing technology available, and the only laser FDA approved for stretch marks. This laser is far superior to other systems, offering deeper tissue penetration and a cooling system for patient comfort.

> Acne Scars> Age Spots> Rosacea/Vascular Lesions> Wrinkles> Surgical Scars> Loss of Pigment

Laser Treatments for the Body

Laser and minimally-invasive skin care treatments can help you look and feel your best with little or no downtime. The advanced laser technologies at Ophthalmic Consultants of Long Island will tighten and tone skin, melt fat, treat pigmentation, age spots, stretch marks and even body acne.

> Stretch Marks> Leg Veins – Spider Veins and Reticular Leg Veins Treatment> Surgical Scars

Laser Hair Removal

The removal of unwanted hair is a constant hassle for many people. Shaving, waxing or tweezing hair takes time and money and can cause pain and discomfort. There is, however, a better solution. At Ophthalmic Consultants of Long Island we use the Palomar Vectus Laser to permanently remove unwanted hair. Palomar has led the way in laser hair removal technology and the Vectus laser provides fast, effective and comfortable treatment for the largest range of skin and hair types. The Vectus laser also features the Skintel™ Melanin Reader™, the only FDA-approved melanin reader, which allows for a treatment that is tailored to your individual skin type.

> Legs> Underarms> Upper lip> Bikini area> Back> Face

Cheek Lift

The surgeons at Ophthalmic Consultants of Long Island are highly regarded Long Island glaucoma, retina, LASIK and cataracts specialist. In addition to providing exemplary vision care, they also offer a myriad of cosmetic procedures for the face. The paragraphs below offer information about the mid-face lift procedure.

> Mid-face lift

Men's Services

Cosmetic enhancement techniques have become a more popular option for men seeking to gain confidence in the way they look and feel. Ophthalmic Consultants of Long Island uses state-of-the-art procedures to help you achieve the most effective results, whether you want to restore your youthful appearance or you simply desire to look your best.

> Men's Services

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