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A cheek lift, also known as a mid-face lift, addresses sagging of the cheeks and the surrounding area, includes the eyes. The sagging skin of the cheeks pulls the skin from the eyes, causing them to sag as well, which leads to a tired or worn look. The surrounding skin and muscles loss of elasticity is one of the earliest signs of aging for many individuals. This procedure can drastically change your appearance and make you look younger almost immediately.

What is A Cheek Lift?

A cheek lift is a procedure that elevates the fat pad in the cheek in order to provide fullness to the eyes and cheeks, where the cheeks start flattening and drooping. The outcome is an instantly more refreshed and rejuvenated look. Because it is a more invasive process, the results are more permanent than those from injectables, yet recovery is quicker and easier than with a traditional facelift.

Do I Qualify for This Procedure?

Because a cheek lift is a procedure that is highly specific to each individual, there are certain details that will qualify a candidate for this procedure. This includes healthy individuals who do not have any medical conditions that would impair healing or increase risk for the surgery, visual heaviness below the cheeks, or hollowness beneath the eyes. It is equally important for individuals to have specific yet realistic goals for the improvement of their appearance.

What is the Recovery Like?

Typically, the cheek lift surgery lasts about two hours on average, yet truly depends on the extent of the work that is being done. The procedure can range depending on how invasive it needs to be what what type of incisions need to be made. Cheek lifts are often performed under anesthesia, or in some cases conscious sedation, but are nearly always outpatient procedures. The recovery period is about seven to ten days, which means that most patients are back to work after only about a week. There is likely to be some bruising and swelling within the first 48 hours after the procedure is completed, as with any invasive surgery, and it is important that you attend any follow up appointments following the lift to ensure that it everything is healing properly. The entirety of the recovery process can take up to 4 months.

A cheek lift can dramatically change your appearance to be fresher and overall more youthful. The results will be immediate, and though at first may even look overcorrected, it will take a bit of time for the cheek to “settle” into its new natural position.

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